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Assembly: the main theme of the development of the construction industry


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Assembly: the main theme of the development of the construction industry

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2018/08/23 10:56
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  In the proposal of the National Congress of the 2018, a proposal entitled "Accelerating the Development of the Prefabricated Building Industry" attracted the attention of relevant industry professionals. The proposal pointed out that China's materials and technology in the prefabricated construction industry are relatively mature. Now it is necessary for the state to issue policies to support the development of the assembly-type construction industry. Before the State Council issued the issue of further strengthening urban planning and construction management. "Several Opinions", which proposed to develop a new type of construction, and strive to use 30 years or so to make the proportion of prefabricated buildings to 30% of new buildings; and recently, "developing prefabricated buildings and building green and intelligent Xiong'an" The theme seminar was held at the construction site of the Xiong'an New District Citizen Service Center project. The delegates agreed that the space for the development of prefabricated buildings is huge, and its energy-saving and environmentally-friendly construction concepts and models are in line with the mission of Xiong'an New District to build a world-class, green, modern and smart new city, which will play an important role in the construction of the new district… Regardless of the angle, the prefabricated building is becoming the main theme of the development of China's construction industry.
  How to look at prefabricated buildings
  The role and status of the construction industry in the national economy is very prominent: in 2016, the national construction industry's total output value reached 19.36 trillion yuan, and the number of practitioners exceeded 51.85 million, which is a veritable pillar industry.
  Although China's existing traditional construction technology supports the rapid development of urban and rural construction, the drawbacks are also very prominent: First, the construction process is too extensive, steel and cement waste is serious; second, the water consumption is too large; third, the construction site is dirty, chaotic, and poor. It is often an important source of pollution for urban inhalable particulate matter; the fourth is serious quality problems, and the problem of cracking and leakage is prominent; fifth, labor costs are soaring, recruitment is difficult, management is difficult, and quality control is difficult. This shows that the traditional construction technology has reached a time when it is impossible to change, coupled with the stricter requirements for national energy conservation and emission reduction, speeding up the transformation, and vigorously developing assembly-style buildings is imperative.
  At present, the modernization process of China's green building industry is accelerating, relying on industrialization pilots to promote ecologically-friendly, high-quality, affordable and comfortable assembly-style buildings, is becoming the main theme of future new homes. A prefabricated building can be said to be a house built like a car, that is, different parts are placed on the assembly line of the factory for assembly. According to the standard production of steel structures, doors and windows, light bulbs and other "building parts" shipped to the factory for modular assembly, and then transport these "finished parts" of semi-finished products to the construction site, which subverts the history of the construction industry for nearly a hundred years, changed Traditional architectural model.
  China began to develop commercial housing in the 1990s, and construction projects after 2000, especially housing, basically only care about the quantity and scale, and do not care much about the construction methods and processes. After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the whole society paid more and more attention to environmental protection, which also raised higher requirements for green, energy-saving and sustainable housing.
  From the perspective of industry development, the traditional construction method has caused waste of resources and increased the pressure of the urban environment; the dumping of construction waste has also caused great trouble to the environment. The garbage can not only cause urban road pollution during transportation, but also May cause a traffic accident.
  Energy conservation, environmental protection, health and green are the top priorities of future social development. Under this general trend, many companies have already implemented the concept of "100-year residence", taking the road of high quality and high quality, and achieving green energy conservation throughout the construction process through assembly-based construction.
  As practice continues to deepen, the concept of fabricated architecture has changed a lot. Taking the decoration of a prefabricated building as an example, from the perspective of national policy, it is not a fine decoration that is not a prefabricated building. Through the means of large-scale decoration, the waste of a large amount of raw materials caused by the secondary decoration of the user is solved. It can be said that the concept of prefabricated buildings is constantly full and its connotation is constantly improving.
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