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Promote the use of solid waste, accelerate the innovation of wall materials


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Promote the use of solid waste, accelerate the innovation of wall materials

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2018/08/23 10:53
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In 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Action Plan for the Promotion and Application of New Wall Materials”, requesting the development of green new wall materials, improving the green development, recycling development and low-carbon development level of the wall materials industry, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry.
It emphasizes that the comprehensive utilization of resources should be further improved, and the comprehensive utilization of solid waste such as coal gangue, fly ash, tailings, river (lake) silt (soil) mud, industrial by-product gypsum and ceramic slag powder in wall materials should be further promoted. Expand the comprehensive utilization of resources and increase the total utilization of resources. Research and use of new wall tunnel kiln to co-dispose construction waste, urban sludge and river silt, and to revise kiln exhaust emissions and related product quality standards. Support the construction of a large-scale solid waste comprehensive utilization demonstration base, and promote the demonstration of new waste wall materials enterprises.
In the process of building materials industry to deepen the structural reform of the supply side, the development of new wall materials is an important innovation made from the supply side. With the green concept becoming the background of China's economic and social development, in the process of vigorously developing green building materials and green buildings, further promoting the comprehensive utilization of solid waste in new wall materials has become an important part of promoting new wall materials into green wall materials. ring.
Blending green ideas
Lee waste wall material emerges
From the Qin brick Hanwa before the millennium to the new wall materials pushed by the localities, as an important building material, the innovation of wall materials is not a one-off event. Fortunately, after decades of development, the product structure of new wall materials has been continuously optimized, the mechanism of technological innovation has gradually formed, the technical content of mechanical equipment has been greatly improved, and the proportion of new wall materials in new buildings has been rising.
In particular, through the use of coal gangue, fly ash, industrial by-product gypsum, tailings, waste residue, construction waste, sludge and other raw materials, all kinds of new building materials not only turn waste into treasure, extend the industrial chain, improve the product The added value also effectively reduces the occupation of land and environmental damage caused by solid waste stacking, which effectively promotes energy conservation and emission reduction.
Take Shanxi as an example. In the past, small coal kiln in Shanxi Province blossomed everywhere and seriously polluted the environment. Nowadays, with the increasingly refined and scientific development of Shanxi, the industrial solid waste that has been arbitrarily discarded has been transformed into a glory in the innovation of wall materials. For example, coal gangue is the largest amount of solid waste in Shanxi Province, and the province's stockpiles are as high as 800 million tons. Today, these black stones have become a waste and can be used to make new wall materials.
The use of construction waste to produce a variety of permeable bricks, street bricks and large wall structures is a major innovation in Henan's development of new wall materials. In April 2017, Henan Province was listed as the national pilot province for construction waste management and resource utilization. In July, the Henan Provincial Government issued the “Opinions on Strengthening the Management of Urban Construction Waste to Promote Resource Utilization”. Housing and urban and rural areas in Henan Province in September. The Construction Department has formulated the “Working Plan for the Implementation of the Pilot Province of Construction Waste Management and Resource Utilization in Henan Province”, which has promoted the utilization of construction waste resources on the fast track of government-led and market operations.
It can be said that in combination with the construction of green buildings, rail transit and underground integrated pipe corridors, the use of orbital muck and construction waste to produce green wall materials, and the transformation of low-level landfills for comprehensive utilization have realized “from the construction to the construction”. The continuous emergence of profitable waste materials has really promoted the development of green wall materials, green building materials, green walls, smart walls, and ecological walls. The pace of promoting waste materials in various places is also accelerating.
Contradictions still stand out
Innovative research and development needs to be deepened
With the rapid development of urban and rural construction, the level of people's living and living is constantly improving, and a large number of new wall materials with excellent quality are urgently needed. In order to meet the needs of the development of green and energy-efficient buildings, the innovation of wall materials faces new situations and challenges.
On the one hand, the problem of unbalanced development of new wall materials is more prominent. For example, green wall materials that are generally accepted in provinces and cities with more developed economies, in some small and medium-sized cities, the proportion of new green wall materials used in building construction is still very low. Especially in the vast rural areas, there is a predicament of the popularization of new wall materials. In general, there is still a big gap between the wall material innovation work and the corresponding goals. On the other hand, the development of new wall materials is uneven, low-end overcapacity, and high-end green capacity is insufficient.
To this end, experts pointed out that in order to promote the development and application of new wall materials, we must vigorously promote technological innovation, rooted in the integration of production, education and research, and cultivate a number of leading enterprises with advantages and influences.
In recent years, the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Henan Province has actively supported colleges and universities and scientific research institutions to carry out research and development of coal gangue through research and development of coal gangue, fly ash and other waste wall materials through independent research and development, introduction, digestion and absorption. More than 10 kinds of new wall materials such as sintered porous brick, coal gangue sintered hollow block, autoclaved fly ash brick, autoclaved aerated concrete block, and solid waste have been widely used in wall materials.
Experts stressed that as the main body of the market, it is necessary to encourage and guide production enterprises to increase investment, research and development of high-quality new wall material production technology and equipment with high technology content, good waste effect, remarkable energy saving effect and independent intellectual property rights.
In addition, it is necessary to formulate and implement new wall material production standards and architectural design and construction technical regulations to provide technical support for the use of new wall materials.
In this process, it is particularly necessary to establish a group of typical enterprises of waste wall materials, and give full play to the leading demonstration effect of model enterprises.
As the first pilot city for the utilization of silt new wall materials in Zhejiang Province, Huzhou City actively explored a road that meets the resource utilization of new wall materials according to the requirements of the implementation plan of silt resource utilization. At present, Huzhou Rongrun Building Materials Co., Ltd. has become the pilot project for the utilization of silt new wall materials in Zhejiang Province. The company has achieved smooth connection from the dredging, stacking, removing and drying of river silt to the various aspects of batching bricks. The comprehensive utilization rate of the sludge is high, the product performance is stable, and the heat preservation effect is obviously improved. Looking at the whole country, such demonstration and industrial bases for profitable waste wall materials need to be vigorously cultivated and supported.
Beat the ecological card
Solid waste utilization further industrialization
With the development of the domestic construction industry and the improvement of the national standards for building materials, China's construction industry has higher and higher requirements for wall and wall materials technology, and the demand is also growing.
The development of new wall materials is also an important process of continuously eliminating low-end backward production capacity, exploring high-end products, strengthening the comprehensive utilization of solid waste, improving the environment, and achieving circular economy and green development. A number of industry experts have affirmed the contribution of the development of new wall materials to social development and ecological civilization.
Under the new era, we will adhere to the concept of green development, continuously increase research and development efforts, promote the industrialization of solid waste utilization, and improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of solid waste, which is conducive to the realization of green, low-carbon, ecological and circular development of new wall materials.
In the past 10 years, the wall material industry has made outstanding contributions to the use of industrial waste residue and the development of circular economy by increasing technical research and development, and achieved good economic, environmental and social benefits. At present, various solid wastes such as tailings, fly ash, coal gangue, slag, metallurgical waste, construction waste, and industrial by-product gypsum have largely replaced natural resources as raw materials to produce wall material products.
However, many years have passed, and a large amount of construction waste and industrial solid waste have not been properly solved. Instead, urban garbage problems of “garbage siege” and environmental pollution have been formed. For the development of new wall materials, the industry of solid waste has been promoted. The use of resources is a good thing to do both, and it is also the key to integrating green development and making eco-economic cards.
As one of the main materials of the building, the wall material has a application range of more than 70% of the solid material used in the main body of the building. With the advent of the era of industrialization of buildings, the ingenious assembly-type buildings have put forward new requirements for the development of green new wall materials.
The adjustment and transformation of the industrial structure of wall materials directly relates to the healthy development of China's housing industry, which is related to the quality life of buildings and the effectiveness of energy conservation and emission reduction. The comprehensive utilization of bulk industrial solid waste by the wall material industry is related to the ecological and environmental protection, the innovative development of prefabricated buildings, green buildings and green building materials.
It is foreseeable that during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, under the background of the development of circular economy, further promotion of the transformation of new wall materials to green wall materials and ecological wall materials is still inseparable from the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste. With the development of technology and innovation, it is believed that more and more green wall materials will become an important support point for green development and building beautiful China in the new era.
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