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Cement foaming fire-proof door core board equipment

Cement foaming fire-proof door core board equipment


Cement foam fire door core board equipment


The cement foam fire door core board is the most ideal lightweight board for wall insulation and fire protection. The product has low thermal conductivity, good insulation effect, non-combustible, waterproof, strong adhesion to the wall, high strength, and no toxic radioactive substances. Environmental protection. The same period with the service life of the building, and the construction is simple and fast.


Equipment advantages

1. Exclusive quick release technology, saving a large number of molds, with a daily output of more than 1000 pieces.

2. The first fireproof door core in China is used for one-off molding production technology, which can save additional engraving or printing costs and low production cost. Or the core material before carving, waste and can be recycled. And magnesite fire door core board quality is unstable, the cost is high, cannot carry on the pressure sculpture.

3. The raw materials are cheap and easy to purchase, such as cement, sand, fly ash, coal gangue, stone powder and construction waste, etc. can be used for production and flexible selection according to local conditions.

4. The workers are easy to operate, and the labor force is low in labor intensity and labor cost.

5. Class a fireproof production standard, fire resistance limit and thermal insulation performance over 90 minutes.


Device parameters:


Length 45 meters x width 7.5 meters x height 5 meters

Batching equipment

Length 13 meters x width 4.5 meters x height 4.5 meters

Equipment power


Equipment production

800-1500 sheets

Production workers

4-8 people

Need factory building

800-1000 square

Need a venue

1000-1500 square

With water

10-20 tons/day


200-300 degrees/day

Product raw materials

Cement, fly ash, aggregates, reinforcing materials, special materials


Product advantages:

1, fire insulation.

2,high strength, not broken.

3,light weight.

4,energy saving and environmental protection.

5,low cost, easy construction.


Product range:

   Widely used in high-rise residential, hotels, office buildings, commercial shopping centers, laboratories, factories, mobile homes, hospitals, railway stations, dance halls, homes and other buildings on the fire door.


Delivery time and technical service methods:

1,Equipment delivery time: Under normal circumstances, the two parties can supply the company within 30 working days after signing the cooperation contract.

2,Perfect after-sales service: Our company's professional and technical personnel to plan the plant, guide the installation, commissioning equipment, technical training, until the customer can normally produce qualified products.


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