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Self-insulating block equipment

Self-insulating block equipment


Foamed concrete self-insulating block is made of cement, fly ash, sand, stone powder and other materials, mixed with foaming agent, and added by water mixing, pouring, static stop, cutting, curing and other processes. Self-insulating foam concrete block is supplemented with matching mortar and suitable wall structure measures to form self-insulating wall, which can meet the requirements of current energy-saving standards for wall heat transfer coefficient, and the comprehensive cost is lower than the commonly used external wall insulation. The system avoids the defects of the current design life of the external insulation system and the building. Therefore, the rational application of high-performance lightweight self-insulating foam concrete block products can meet the current building energy-saving requirements and utilize industrial waste residue, and meet the social needs of comprehensive utilization, recycling economy, energy saving and land saving.

  First, self-insulation block equipment introduction:

  1. Introducing German and American advanced foam concrete production technology, with high production efficiency, good product insulation performance and outstanding product quality.

  2. fully automatic supporting production line, with high degree of automation, high production efficiency, strong combination, etc., using automatic batching system, accurate measurement of raw materials, to ensure the performance of the product, the use of automatic casting molding process, no need Autoclaving and calcination reduce the environmental pollution caused by the energy consumption of the production line. The production line is equipped with different specifications of molds, which can produce different fittings to meet the needs of engineering construction.

  3. automatic circulation production process, using mold box molding concrete pouring production process, multi-mode box positioning, and then integrally cast foam concrete core material, through the advanced technology to make the block shell and insulation material injection molding into a whole, to achieve A concrete self-insulating block that integrates the wall body and the heat preservation function.

  Second, foam concrete self-insulation block features:

  1. Excellent thermal insulation performance, thermal conductivity of less than 0.11W / m.s, fully meet the 75% building energy efficiency requirements.

  2. When the wall is built, the molding process is simple and quick, no external insulation is needed, and the wall insulation system and the building have the same life.

  3. The cost of self-insulating walls is low.

  4. Meet the requirements of Class A fire protection and completely solve the fire hazard.

  5. The foamed concrete self-insulating wall has high bonding strength with cement, and the external wall veneer construction is simple and stable, which solves the problem that the outer wall of other thermal insulation walls is easy to fall off.

  Third, foam concrete self-insulation block application range

  When using traditional building materials, insulation materials must be used outside the wall. Self-insulating blocks are not required for this process as a green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving new wall material. They are insulated, heat-insulated, sound-proof and fire-proof. Waterproof and other functions are ideal wall materials for self-heating and energy-saving buildings.

  It is used in buildings in earthquake-resistant areas; as an external wall for building multi-storey buildings, as an infill wall for frame structures; as an inner and outer wall for high-rise frame buildings; it can also be used as an external thermal insulation material for walls, to adapt to buildings in severe cold areas. Suitable for residential, apartment buildings, office buildings; public buildings, schools, libraries, hospitals, banks, clubs, restaurants; sports and entertainment facilities, football stadiums, stadiums, swimming pools and other modern buildings.

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