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Foam concrete block equipment


  This large-scale integrated machinery adopts Germany's steam-free pressure technology, and foam concrete block equipment (free steaming and maintenance) can produce high-precision blocks, non-autoclaved aerated blocks, aerated bricks, lightweight bricks and foam bricks. The high-precision block equipment is fully automated and equipped with professional maintenance facilities. The products are delivered quickly and the strength is high and the water is not cracked.

  First, the characteristics of foam concrete block equipment:

  1. Energy-saving and waste: The foam concrete block equipment is produced with cement, stone powder, fly ash, slag, sand and other waste waste materials. The raw materials are convenient to choose and the price is low, and the production energy consumption is low, which is in line with the national energy-saving and waste policy. .

  2. Low risk: This project introduces advanced technologies for the treatment of industrial wastes in Europe and the United States. After years of application practice, it has formed a mature and reliable production process, which can be mass-produced and has low technology maturity risk.

  3. Investment advantage: The investment of this project is small, no autoclave is needed, only 20% to 10% of the investment of autoclaved bricks, the production cost is low, and the fast return of the construction is high.

  4. Fully automatic operation: The automatic control system is adopted to make the whole production line work more reliable. At the same time, the whole CNC technology can be used to accurately measure the high-speed mixing and rapid foaming of the feed, simplifying the production process and saving manpower.

  5. technical advantages: the national patent technology - "cement foaming initial kiln", coupled with scientific and reasonable formula, can ensure that the quality of the product fully meets the requirements of national standards. The company's strong research and development capabilities, according to the user's local raw materials, local materials, tailor-made formula ratio, to ensure that investors produce qualified products.

  6. the advantages of the new cutting saw: high-precision, high-strength block brick cutting equipment, fast speed, neat appearance, size standards, no shortage of corners and other advantages.

  7. Cooperation advantage: The overall output of the project, a variety of investment sizes and scales for customers to choose, can also be based on customer requirements and funds, venue conditions, send professional and technical personnel to field visits, tailor-made investment plans and equipment preparation. On-site training technology, sent people to install and debug, provide a complete turnkey engineering service to ensure that every customer we serve is put into production smoothly.

  8. Green and environmental protection: The whole production process does not discharge waste water and smoke, no pollution, low noise, no damage to cultivated land, green building materials production and processing equipment, and there is no problem in project environmental protection.

  9. Service advantage: The company provides complete sets of production technology, formula, installation and technical training, planning and setting up a series of services. The equipment has passed the quality appraisal and is the national building energy conservation and technology promotion unit.

  Second, the plant, water and electricity and raw materials required for the equipment:

  The production line adopts automatic batching and electronic metering, with high degree of automation, accurate measurement and precise operation control. The molding equipment has the characteristics of reasonable structure design, convenient production operation, short molding cycle, high production efficiency and good product quality. The complete set of equipment includes: electronic metering device, loading system, mixing system, mixing system, pumping system, control system, cutting system and so on.

  (A) Plant part

  1. Storage height 3m (placement admixture) Area 50-100m2

  2. Semi-open workshop height 5m (place production line, raw materials) area 200-500m2

  3. Product maintenance area (forming and curing products) Area 2000-4000m2

  4. Finished product stacking area (stacked finished product) Area 1500-3000m2

  (B) Hydropower section

  Total power of the plant: 100-200KW or so Production water: 2400m3/month (according to the production volume, the actual production volume shall prevail)

  (C) Production of raw materials

  1. Cement: 425R Portland cement 2. Fly ash raw ash (optional) 3. Stone powder fine powder (optional) 4. Sand (containing mud ≤ 2% (optional) 5. Slag powder fine powder (optional) 6 Additives (specially supplied by the company)

  Third, the advantages and parameters of the block

  Lightweight, heat-insulating, heat-insulating, sound-proof, environmentally friendly, fire-resistant, drowning, easy to construct

  Application areas:

  Industrial and civil buildings such as houses, hospitals, hotels, schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, factories, etc.

  Application range:

  The seismic fortification intensity is 8 (including 8) and below (if it is designed for 9 degrees);

  Reinforced concrete structure with a height of less than 100m;

  Steel structure non-load-bearing exterior wall, enclosure wall, roof and floor, height (single project of 100m or more and over-limit high-rise exterior wall panel design);

  Interior walls (interior walls are generally not subject to height restrictions);

  Various insulation and energy-saving buildings;

  Factory, warehouse and other firewalls.

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