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High-precision block production equipment (free of ash)

High-precision block production equipment (free of ash)


  This high-precision block equipment (free of ash), the introduction of Germany's advanced steam-free production technology, mature and reliable, high product strength, lightweight insulation and waterproof. The fully automatic non-autoclaved aerated concrete block equipment has few people for production, low cost, daily output of 100-600 square meters, and fast return on investment.

  First, the introduction of high-precision blocks:

  High-precision blocks are produced on the basis of general ordinary gas-filling blocks through certain technical means and auxiliary equipment. The products have the advantages of accurate size, clear angle, easy construction and high price. They are now applied to large-scale high-end real estate. And building materials. This kind of environmental protection and energy-saving brick is a waste energy-saving wall material. The production process does not emit any waste gas, waste water and waste. It is in full compliance with the national industrial policy and is truly low-carbon environmental protection. Note: Foamed concrete is called lightweight cellular concrete in Europe and Japan, namely CellularLightweightConcrete (known as CLC)。

  High-precision block equipment, high-precision blocks made of fly ash, sand, stone powder, tailings, construction waste, and calcium carbide powder. The technical performance of the block products produced by the high-precision block equipment without autoclaving technology meets the relevant national "block" application requirements. Compared with clay bricks and hollow bricks, it has high strength and is not afraid of impact, good stability, dry shrinkage is not easy to crack, sound insulation performance is good, and it is resistant to water and moisture. The steam-free block brick overcomes the Achilles heel of clay bricks and hollow bricks that do not absorb water and cannot be used as exterior walls. Both inner and outer walls can be used. Especially its low cost, it is even more difficult to get clay bricks and hollow bricks.

  Second, high-precision block production equipment features:

  Because the company uses automatic block production line, Europe and the United States technology is advanced and practical. Small equipment uses only a small amount of mold, 4~6 workers can produce, the product can be demoulded quickly (the fastest in China), and the equipment can be produced normally in spring, summer, autumn and winter. By changing different molds, it can produce a variety of products (multiple use of one machine), the product quality is good, in line with the development of green building industrialization, from the construction planning, equipment installation to technical training to provide a comprehensive service system.

  New technology and new technology: The company's patented technology - special additives, plus scientific and reasonable formula, can guarantee the production of products, the main technical indicators are in full compliance with national requirements. The company's strong research and development capabilities, can also be based on the user's local raw materials, local materials, tailor-made formula ratio to ensure that the products produced by investors qualified.

  Cost advantage: The raw materials required for steam-free high-precision blocks are extensive, and the materials are nearby. Fly ash, river sand, slag, slag, tailings sand, stone powder, etc. can be used as raw materials (the same can be produced)。 The production process is simple, the investment of the autoclaved block equipment is small, and the autoclave is not needed, which saves a lot of energy.

  Equipment advantages: production line design combined with process flow, reasonable and meticulous; high degree of automation, saving people and labor; full-scale microcomputer control, easy to operate: all-digital control of ingredients ratio, accurate measurement.

  Advantages of cutting saw: high-strength and high-precision block brick special cutting equipment, fast speed, neat appearance, standard size, no shortage of edges and corners.

  Third, Plants, hydropower and raw materials required for the project:

  The production line adopts automatic batching and electronic metering, with high degree of automation, accurate measurement and precise operation control. The molding equipment has the characteristics of reasonable structure design, convenient production operation, short molding cycle, high production efficiency and good product quality. The complete set of equipment includes: electronic metering device, loading system, mixing system, mixing system, pumping system, control system, cutting system and so on.

  1. Building part:

  1. The height of the storage room is 3m (placement admixture), the area is 50-100m2

  2. Semi-open plant height 5m (place production line, raw materials) Area 200-500m2

  3. Product maintenance area (forming and curing products) Area 2000m2-----4000m2

  4. Finished product stacking area (stacked finished product) Area 1500m2-----3000m2

  2. Hydropower part:

  Total power of the plant: 100-200KW or so Production water: 2400m3/month

  3. Production of raw materials:

  1. Cement: 425R Portland cement 2. Fly ash raw ash (optional) 3. Stone powder fine powder (optional) 4. Sand mud content ≤ 2% (optional) 5. Slag powder fine powder (optional additive ( The company provides)

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