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Waterproof block equipment


External wall waterproof and lightweight block equipment, for the common block (autoclaved) waterproof problem, the company newly introduced German patent technology and equipment, adjust the production process and formula, greatly improve the waterproof performance of the block, the product surface does not need special treatment It can also prevent leakage and leakage.

  First, the role of external wall waterproof lightweight block:

  Ordinary lightweight foam concrete blocks (such as autoclaved aerated bricks), due to their molding structure and production process problems, they can not meet the industry requirements in terms of wall waterproof performance, it can be said that there is no waterproof effect, resulting in wall surface Plastering, hollowing, oozing, seepage and other buildings are common problems.

  Once the above quality problems are caused, the cost of repairing at a later stage is high and cannot be cured, especially the external wall still has potential safety hazards.

  Through the long-term research of the company, combined with the patented technology of the German Luca Company, on the basis of ordinary CLC blocks, the waterproof requirements of the external wall are targeted and perfected, and the quality problems of aerated concrete such as autoclave are thoroughly solved.

  The internal structure of the common steam-free aerated block belongs to the closed independent air hole, and the air holes are not connected to each other. The structure itself has a certain waterproof function, and has good sound insulation performance. On this basis, combined with the authorization of German Luca Special technology to further optimize the waterproof structure of the internal structure and surface.

  Second, the advantages of external wall waterproof block equipment:

  Environmental advantages: The production of waterproof blocks can not only consume a large amount of industrial waste, but also save energy and reduce consumption. The production process is free of waste water, waste slag, and environmentally friendly.

  Market advantage: The requirements for building energy-saving development, the current market for new wall materials is vast, we only need to occupy, no development.

  Investment advantage: The autoclaved aerated concrete products used in the market now have large investment and long construction period, and at least 10 million yuan, which seriously restricts the development and popularization of the project. Our light waterproof block equipment project has a low investment cost and a short period of time. It takes only one month from signing to production, which is the first choice for small and medium-sized investors and traditional brick factories to upgrade and transform.

  New technology and new technology: The company's patented technology - special additives, plus scientific and reasonable formula, can guarantee the production of products, the main technical indicators are in full compliance with national requirements. The company's strong research and development capabilities, can also be based on the user's local raw materials, local materials, tailor-made formula ratio to ensure that the products produced by investors qualified.

  Cost advantage: The raw materials required for waterproof blocks are extensive, and the materials are nearby. Fly ash, river sand, slag, slag, tailings sand, stone powder, etc. can be used as raw materials (the same can be produced)。 The production process is simple, the investment of the steam-free waterproof block equipment is small, and the autoclave is not needed, which saves a lot of energy.

  Equipment advantages: production line design combined with process flow, reasonable and meticulous; high degree of automation, saving people and labor; full-scale microcomputer control, easy to operate: all-digital control of ingredients ratio, accurate measurement. (The company has another: 8 to 10 minutes of rapid release of technical formula and equipment)

  The advantages of the new cutting saw: high-strength block brick special cutting equipment, fast speed, neat appearance, standard size, no shortage of corners and other angles.

  Third, the plant, water and electricity and raw materials required for the equipment:

  The production line adopts automatic batching and electronic metering, with high degree of automation, accurate measurement and precise operation control. The molding equipment has the characteristics of reasonable structure design, convenient production operation, short molding cycle, high production efficiency and good product quality. The complete set of equipment includes: electronic metering device, loading system, mixing system, mixing system, pumping system, control system, cutting system and so on.

  (A) Plant part

  Production plant: height 5m, length 50 meters, width 20 meters or more, area 1000-1500m2

  Finished product stacking area: area 1500m2------3000m2 (flexible adjustment according to sales volume)

  Equipment dimensions: length 44 m X width 7.5 m X height 5 m

  (B) Hydropower section

  Total power of the plant: 100-200KW

  Production water: 2400m3 / month or so (according to the size of production, based on actual production)

  (C) Production of raw materials

  1 cement: 425R Portland cement 2 fly ash raw ash (optional) 3 stone powder fine powder (optional) 4 sand (containing mud ≤ 2% (optional) 5 slag powder fine powder (optional) 6 additives (the company specializes for)

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