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Insulation and decoration board equipment

Insulation and decoration board equipment

  Equipment introduction:
  Insulation decorative board is a kind of integrated decoration products of new building materials products, its most important characteristic is part of the traditional technology at the scene production process focused on the factory complete, stable quality batch, production capacity and is not affected by the construction environment, is an important branch of construction industrialization, belong to one of the international industrial policies to encourage.
  The equipment is divided into three parts:
  1, Board making equipment: (insulation layer is cement foam board, etc., the panel is a real stone paint spray layer, imitation of various stone, solid wood and other patterns, the effect is lifelike!)
  2, Composite equipment: composite equipment including panel processing equipment and panel and insulation board bonded together;
  3, spraying equipment: including paint spraying and waterproof layer spraying.
  Ten characteristics of products:
  1,Long Durability: The exterior wall insulation and decoration integrated board has an amazing chemical inertness, and it has a very small impact on the board in various situations such as ultraviolet rays, bad weather, and complicated environments.
  2,good wear resistance, not easy to aging, the same life with the wall, good impact resistance;
  3,light weight, good rigidity, high strength, decorative effect and stone curtain wall exactly the same, the use of adhesive construction, convenient and quick, cancel the keel, reduce the cost.
  4,Insulation performance: It depends on the insulation layer that is combined with it. The thickness and materials are different. The insulation performance and fire rating are also different.
  5,with high pressure, non-absorbent, moisture-proof, airtight, lightweight, corrosion resistance, long service life, low thermal conductivity, strong anti-aging.
  6,strong adhesion: thermal insulation and stone adhesive glue using the United States 3M adhesive, anti-aging ability.
  7,good fire performance: thermal insulation layer has excellent fire performance, inflammable in case of fire can effectively prevent the spread of fire.
  8,factory prefabrication, quality control: the discrete technology factory, assembly line production, quality control.
  9,Quick construction: Reduce the wet work on the project site and increase the project speed; modular construction and easy maintenance.
  10,anti-cracking performance: to solve the problem of building cracking.

Device parameters:


Length 45 meters x width 7.5 meters x height 5 meters

Batching equipment

Length 13 meters x width 4.5 meters x height 4.5 meters

Equipment power


Equipment production

Nissan 200-600 cubic meters with an annual output of 5-20 million cubic meters

Production workers

4-8 people

Need factory building

800-1000 square

Need a venue

1000-1500 square

With water

10-20 tons/day


200-300 degrees/day

Product raw materials

Cement, fly ash, aggregates, reinforcing materials, special materials

  Production Process:
  1,Mixing ---- Stirring ---- Foaming ---- Molding ---- Maintenance --- Composite Molding --- Surface Coating --- Inspection Factory
  Delivery time and technical service methods:
  1,Equipment delivery time: Under normal circumstances, the two parties can supply the company within 30 working days after signing the cooperation contract.
  2,Perfect after-sales service: Our company's professional and technical personnel to plan the plant, guide the installation, commissioning equipment, technical training, until the customer can normally produce qualified products.
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