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How to improve product quality of aerated concrete block


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How to improve product quality of aerated concrete block

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2018/06/01 16:54
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Aerated concrete block is a new type of wall material which can effectively realize the function of wall self-insulation

aerated concrete

Aerated concrete block is a new type of wall material which can effectively realize the function of wall self-insulation. Aerated concrete block has been widely used in both internal and external wall engineering of industrial and civil buildings due to its characteristics of wide source of raw materials, good fire resistance and high production efficiency. A large number of industrial solid wastes can be used in the processing of aerated concrete blocks, and the amount of waste slag can exceed 70. Therefore, the relevant preferential policies can be enjoyed.

Aerated concrete block is a kind of non-load-bearing product, which is mainly used as a filling wall. Many people think that it will not affect the safety of the whole building project, and its quality problems are often ignored. What is more, many production enterprises are tempted by profits. In order to reduce costs, unilaterally pursue rapid production and high production, and shorten the curing period of aerated concrete blocks without authorization, the product quality of aerated concrete blocks is extremely unstable. The qualified rate of products is on the low side.

Because the aerated concrete block enjoys the very preferential tax policy, the market demand is big, many enterprises are set up quickly and put into production at full speed. Many companies impose government demands on "boarding first, then making up tickets", not to mention quality control. Five key points must be grasped to do well in Product quality

There are five key points in the quality management of aerated concrete block production: raw material management, proportion management, cutting management, steaming management and product inspection.

Raw material management is the focus of all production management. In the management of raw materials, to ensure the stability of raw materials. For the raw material of aerated concrete block, the silica content, mud content and burning loss of silica material or fly ash should be managed. Lime also has a great influence on the production quality of aerated concrete block. Lime needs to pay attention to digestion temperature, digestion speed, magnesium oxide content, undigested residue, fineness.

Matching management is also one of the key points of production management. The proportion management of aerated concrete block is focused on managing the calcium-silicon ratio and water consumption of the mixture. The most common quality problem for aerated concrete blocks is low strength.

aerated concrete

Cutting is one of the most easily produced waste products in aerated concrete block production. Cutting process mainly affects the size and appearance quality of aerated concrete block. The key of cutting management is to control the strength of cutting. Before cutting the aerated concrete block, it is necessary to judge whether the strength of rest is suitable for cutting according to certain standards.

The key of later curing is to control the suitable heating rate and ensure sufficient curing time. In recent years, the technology of shortening the curing time of aerated concrete block has appeared and spread in some places, which will seriously affect the quality of aerated concrete block. The heating speed is too fast, easy to cause the product to crack, the heat preservation time is too short, the product cannot reach the sufficient strength. To this end, the China aerated concrete Association has called for: adhere to the maintenance system to ensure product quality.

Factory inspection is the last step of product quality management, and the key is to carry out product inspection strictly according to the frequency required by standard and quality management system.

Aerated concrete block is one of the new wall materials which has been widely used. The production enterprise of aerated concrete block should pay attention to the product quality and improve the quality management level, which can not only improve the product quality of aerated concrete block, but also improve the quality of aerated concrete block. It can also reduce the production cost of enterprises and increase economic benefits.

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