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Three leading edge technology trend in the construction industry


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Three leading edge technology trend in the construction industry

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2018/11/14 14:20
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Grafting "Internet +" is a hot trend in the development of smart buildings. Smart building is the product of modern science and technology, and the implantation of the "Internet +" concept provides un
Three leading edge technology trend in the construction industry
  First,green building
  40% of human energy is used in the construction sector. From the early stage, eco-green buildings only stayed at the attention of climate and biological response to the use of alternative energy sources today, and paid attention to the study of high-tech buildings.People have a new understanding of architecture. On this basis,green buildings and building ecology are proposed. Problem.
It integrates buildings into a large ecological cycle, considers energy and resource flows from a holistic perspective, and considers the consumption and production of building construction, building design, and building use into the entire ecosystem, thus changing resources and energy. The way of flowing, the pattern of a virtuous cycle.
 In the future,the concept of green building will become more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and become an industry trend. Less demand from the environment, less impact on ecology, and construction is most suitable for the human space environment. It is the development path of each country that is deeply involved in the construction of green ecology, vigorously promotes the harmonious coexistence of people and society, and takes the road of sustainable development.
 Second, the building information model (BIM)
  The building itself is an art. Through the 3D parametric design technology and the perfect combination of CAD design resources, the BIM solution greatly enhances the architect's production efficiency.
 In addition to the level of architectural design, and more concerned about the cost of construction, the Building Information Model (BIM) can meet all the needs, helping companies to calculate the amount of engineering materials on the basis of building design, so that enterprises can Improve design quality and control project investment costs.
Looking forward to the future, if you can understand the familiarity of software and some technical issues, gradually introduce the concept of BIM (BuildingInformationModeling). It is believed that it can be applied more deeply and produce a more perfect design, so that the architects can truly focus on the architectural design itself, and thus achieve the improvement of design quality.
Third, 3D printing technology
3D printing technology appeared in the mid-1990s, and is actually a technology that uses rapid curing and paper lamination to achieve rapid prototyping. It works in the same way as a normal printer. The printer is equipped with a powdery metal or plastic adhesive material. After connecting with the computer, the blueprint on the computer is turned into a real object through layer-by-layer multi-layer printing.
The 3D printed building is a building built by 3D printing technology. It consists of a giant three-dimensional extrusion machine that uses gears to create foundations and walls for the house and directly creates the building.
For the bright future of 3D printing technology, 3D printing technology is a new technology applied in the construction industry. Naturally, there will be soil and water, and there will naturally be places to explore, but it must be pointed out that the 3D printer itself can print another one. 3D printer, just this is not equal to cloning.
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