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What are the advantages of foam concrete blocks as green wall materials?


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What are the advantages of foam concrete blocks as green wall materials?

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2018/11/13 15:18
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What are the advantages of foam concrete blocks as green wall materials?
 With the rapid development of China's urbanization and real estate industry, the pressure on environmental protection, resource utilization and energy supply is also increasing. Faced with this situation, implementing the concept of sustainable development in the field of construction and taking the road of “greening” of buildings is an inevitable development trend of architecture in China and the world.
 Green wall materials refer to non-toxic, non-polluting, non-radioactive, environmentally friendly and human-friendly building wall materials that use clean production technology, use less natural resources and energy, and use industrial or municipal solid waste.
It has degaussing, noise reduction, dimming, temperature regulation, heat insulation, fireproof, anti-static performance, and has a special new functional building wall material that regulates human body function.
With the country's strict requirements for the construction industry, a new green wall material is reflected in people's eyes, that is, foam concrete blocks, which are a new type of thermal insulation wall material that is safe, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The state has formulated environmental protection policies, and the state has promoted products such as foam concrete for thermal insulation materials. Foam concrete blocks use cementitious materials such as cement, which can add a large amount of industrial waste such as fly ash, slag and stone powder. A new type of thermal insulation material that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
1, fire prevention advantage
Whether it is foam polystyrene or other organic insulation materials such as foamed polyurethane, it is flammable, and has a strong flammability and fierce fire, which is difficult to save. Even flame-retardant organic foams can't avoid fires. Some of the most devastating fires in our country have been fire-retardant foams. At the same time, the foam burns smoke, is too toxic, and can be diffused for several kilometers. The national key projects Jinan Olympic Sports Center and CCTV New Building are all fire scenes caused by organic insulation materials.
The foam concrete block is made of cement and is a non-combustible material. The refractory grade is more than 2 hours and can reach the Class A fire protection standard, which can fully meet the fire protection requirements of any building. Building insulation with foam concrete blocks will not cause fire at all.
What is more advantageous is that the foam concrete block insulation wall material we developed can completely cover the steel structure in the foam concrete block and protect the steel structure. Even in the event of fire, the steel structure is not easy to deform and collapse. Fire protection of steel structures, double fire protection.
2, durable advantage
The design life of a building is generally 50 to 100 years. Organic insulation materials have a problem of not aging, and it is difficult to live with the building. At present, the design life of building insulation related specifications for organic insulation materials is mostly 20 to 25 years. This means that the insulation layer and the building cannot live the same life. A building must be constructed at least 2 to 4 times. This repeated tossing of the building shortens the life of the building. Because every construction must cause damage to the building.
The foam concrete block has a durability of more than 50 years and can be used for the same life as the building. Once the insulation construction can keep the building insulated for a lifetime, it avoids the shortage of multiple insulation construction. The foam concrete block roof insulation layer in Heilongjiang and other places in China is the engineering construction project of the former Soviet Union in the early 1950s. It has been intact for nearly 60 years and is still in use. This has fully demonstrated the durability of foam concrete blocks. Under the premise of standard construction, the service period of high-quality foam concrete blocks can be up to 100 years, and it is also used for key construction projects.
In addition, due to the poor external insulation of the external wall and the combination of the wall, it often causes engineering accidents such as cracking and falling off, which not only makes the durability of the project unguaranteed, but the threat of falling off is very serious. The phenomenon of organic insulation layer falling off at home and abroad.
Most of the foam concrete blocks are self-insulating for the wall, and there is no problem of the outer insulation layer falling off. A small part of the external wall insulation is used, mostly anchored or dry hanging, not easy to fall off, very few use paste, because the foam concrete block and the wall are the same material, the bond is very firm and not easy to fall off.
3, sound insulation advantage
Organic insulation materials such as foamed polystyrene board have poor sound insulation. The 50mm thick core foam polystyrene wall, the sound on both sides of the wall is clearly audible, while the 50mm thick core foam concrete block wall, the sound on both sides of the wall is basically inaudible. The foamed polystyrene sandwich wall is squeaking and empty when struck, while the foam concrete block wall is not so loud when struck, and there is no feeling of emptying.
Foam concrete blocks are excellent sound insulation materials when the closed cell ratio is greater than 90%. Some developed countries in the West use foam concrete blocks to produce sound insulation panels.
4, non-toxic and harmless advantages
Organic polystyrene, foamed polyurethane and other organic insulation materials release a large amount of harmful gases during production. The smell of the production site is horrible, causing serious air pollution and harmful to the health of operators. It also has a residual odor in the early stage of use. In the later stages of use, its aging decomposition will still release harmful substances. Therefore, its production and use are not environmentally friendly. This does not consider the white pollution that is easy to cause.
The foam concrete block is mainly made of inorganic materials, and no harmful substances are produced during production, and there is no odor at the production site. It does not produce decomposition products during use, and it is environmentally friendly. From the perspective of building greening, it should also be the best choice for building insulation.
5, does not contain the advantage of a large amount of oil resources to the joy of success
In addition to the significance of emission reduction, building energy conservation also has the significance of reducing China's energy consumption and protecting national energy security. Most of the organic thermal insulation materials such as foam polystyrene use petroleum as the starting material and consume a lot of petroleum resources, and its application will aggravate the energy crisis in China. Although its use can save energy in buildings, but the raw materials consume energy, which makes energy conservation and energy consumption conflict, and loses the meaning of energy saving.
The raw material of the foam concrete block is cement, which is not based on energy. Although the production of cement also has energy consumption, it is lower than the energy consumption of raw materials of foam polystyrene and the total energy consumption of production.
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