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Adhering to technology introduction and innovation, Hengde block brick equipment catches up with Europe and America


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Adhering to technology introduction and innovation, Hengde block brick equipment catches up with Europe and America

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2018/06/01 16:44
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The cutting machine is the main equipment in the non-steam foam concrete block equipment, and its production capacity is the hinge that determines the production scale
  Environmentally friendly and waste foam bricks are in line with the connotation of green building materials: renewable resources, low-cost production, energy saving and environmental protection. Green building materials are the foundation of green building development.
  I believe that many customers who invest in block brick machines will know a lot of block brick machine manufacturers to make comparisons. Finally, they choose a block brick machine manufacturer that they think is relatively cost-effective, especially for those who want to invest in large-scale automation. Brick factory, will be eyeing foreign equipment, so foreign equipment is really suitable for you? Will the foreign sales follow up?
  Adhering to technology introduction and innovation, Hengde block brick equipment catches up with European and American cement
  "Artisan spirit, first-class manufacturing, top-level craftsmanship", these evaluations are the best proof of the image and reputation of German manufacturing. More and more people lament that German pots can be used for a lifetime, German knives can be handed down, and German clocks can go on. The "Made in Germany" has become the benchmark of the world's machinery manufacturing and technology, and is welcomed by all countries. The difference between our "Made in China" and German manufacturing lies in the gap between quality and process level.
  The gap between the manufacturing process of domestic block equipment and foreign technology is as follows:
  1. The product is single and cannot meet the requirements of technological progress in the construction industry. Aerated concrete products are mainly made of blocks, and the plates with high requirements on production technology are rarely produced in China.
  2. The process equipment is backward and the technical level is low. China's aerated concrete block production capacity of single-line 50,000 m3 / year or less accounted for more than 70%, most of the process equipment is simple, equipment technology level is not high, urgently for technical transformation.
  3. Application technology cannot keep up with the requirements of promotion and application. Foreign countries attach great importance to the research of applied technology, and closely cooperate with sales services to make users as convenient as possible. However, China's research on applied technology is not enough. The lack of coordination in production, scientific research, design and construction, and the formation of a complete application technology service system, has affected the promotion and application of aerated blocks.
  However, we must narrow the gap between China and foreign countries in a certain industry. On the one hand, we must learn from foreign advanced experience. At the same time, we must also follow the path of independent development and rely on research and development to break through key core technologies to catch up and surpass.
  The newly introduced block brick equipment has a high degree of automation, and the operation of the assembly line is less efficient. Adopting German CLC block technology, the foaming rate is high and the product strength is good. In combination with domestic conditions, Hengde absorbs and improves the production technology of block bricks from Britain, Russia, and the United States, and reduces the overall cost, which is suitable for small and medium-sized investment.
  Adhering to technology introduction and innovation, Hengde block brick equipment catches up with European and American cement
  Germany is a country that attaches great importance to environmental protection in the world. Its aerated block brick equipment has advanced technology and mature experience in construction waste treatment and industrial waste utilization. After the improvement of Hengde's block brick equipment, construction waste, industrial waste, etc. are used to produce building materials such as blocks, wall panels and floor tiles.
  Energy-saving and waste foam bricks replace traditional clay solid bricks as masonry materials, purify the environment, save energy and protect land resources. It is a product with economic benefits and social benefits, thus making the construction industry embark A virtuous cycle of economic models has become the driving force for the sustainable development of the construction industry.
  Hengde's new automatic CLC block equipment adopts European and American technology and exclusive patented technology, which can quickly release molds and save a lot of mold costs. Europe and the United States introduce exclusive foaming formula, the product strength is super high; automatic assembly line production saves labor costs; The industry equipment is increased by 4~5 times, and the equipment covers a small area; there is no waste gas, no waste water and no waste in the whole production process. The product adopts the dust-free 360-degree rotating wet cutting process, and the workshop is environmentally clean. Guangzhou Hengde exclusive multi-purpose technology, can also produce fireproof insulation board, steam-free aerated block, aerated brick, lightweight foam brick, cement foam brick, light wall panel and fire door core board and other environmentally friendly waste Building materials products.
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