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New method for construction waste treatment: Hengde steam-free CLC block production project


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New method for construction waste treatment: Hengde steam-free CLC block production project

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2018/08/21 17:54
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  Recently, China has achieved new results in the key technologies of construction waste recycling aggregates and its large-scale application projects. It has broken through several key technologies such as nano- and carbonization methods to stimulate the potential activity of recycled aggregates to improve the quality of recycled coarse aggregates, and realized the construction. The large-scale application of waste recycled aggregates and the "zero emission" of construction waste, the technology has reached the international leading level, and it has been applied in many projects and achieved significant economic and social benefits.
  In the study, it was found that the cement hydration products in the construction waste recycled aggregates are all potential activities that can be excited by chemical methods, revealing the mechanism of nano- and carbonization methods to stimulate the potential activity of recycled aggregates. Invented the chemical method to improve the quality of recycled coarse aggregate, solved the problem that the workability of recycled aggregate concrete is difficult to control, the mechanical properties and durability are poor, and broke the limit of 20% of the recycled aggregate in structural concrete, achieving a large blend. High performance of recycled aggregate concrete.
  Researchers use high-value-added products such as quality improvement of building waste recycled aggregates, internal curing and composite photocatalysis to not only absorb construction waste, but also open up new sources of aggregate for concrete, realizing double benefits of resources and environment.
  Compared with the traditional method, the utilization rate of recycled aggregate in structural concrete made by a new generation of construction waste utilization technology exceeds 50%, the concrete flexural strength is 10% higher than natural aggregate, chloride ion penetration is reduced by 30%, and the shrinkage rate is reduced by 40. %; dry mixed mortar without cracks, thermal conductivity decreased by more than 50%.
  It is understood that Guangzhou Hengde newly introduced European and American technology and equipment, a new generation of steam-free CLC block production equipment can handle a variety of industrial waste tailings and construction waste resources to make lightweight foam bricks, aerated blocks, blocks, partitions The company has the ability to develop industrial waste recycling technology, and to make industrial waste and construction waste into new environmentally-friendly wall products with high added value.
  With the release of national environmental protection, building energy conservation, and the "forbidden and practical limit" policy, lightweight bricks, aerated blocks, steam-free aerated blocks, and foam concrete blocks have increasingly become a hot spot for new environmentally-friendly and energy-saving building materials projects.
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